What strategies can we use in self-defence that will keep us safe from predators?                                                                  Women Self Defence Class Zenshin Martial Arts Geelong

How can you avoid an assault/attack?

Do I have to be physically strong in order to NOT be a victim?

In this blog we discuss various ways of mental awareness by implementing  thought processes which assist us in handling different scenarios and understanding how to adapt to the escalating assaults in today’s society.


Mental awareness is a crucial aspect of self-defence situations. It involves being mindful, alert, and mentally prepared to handle potential threats or dangerous encounters effectively.

When conducting these courses I always start with educating my audience about the following ‘A’ words:

AWARENESS – ALERTNESS – ANTICIPATION – AVOIDANCE. If you are unable to avoid an aggressive physical confrontation revert to – AGGRESSIVE ACTION!


Colour Code of Combat

Understanding the ‘colour code of combat’ is the first step to being able to fully implement your self-defence skills in society. Colonel Jeff Cooper, a combat firearms expert, originally developed these particular colour codes.

Never underestimate the importance of the mindset represented by the following colour codes:

Condition White

This is the state of least preparedness. You are not ready for anything. Your mind is in a haze, unaware of who or what is around you. For example, you may be tired or preoccupied with worry. You may be influenced by drugs or alcohol. In condition white you can be so quickly overwhelmed that you don’t even know what happened – you will be a victim!

Condition white is appropriate when in a safe and secured environment at home.

Condition Yellow (Awareness)

Condition yellow is the ready state. Once you leave the confines of your home you instantly become aware of your surroundings. You are calm and relaxed but alert to any possible threats within the environment. You cannot be easily surprised as you scan your immediate area. If you are confronted you are able to take the desired action for self-preservation.

Condition Orange (Alertness)

This is the state where your intuition kicks in. You sense a potential threat approaching which requires your immediate action. You are fully prepared to implement the appropriate evasive action. You mentally start to formulate an escape route or attack plan. In this state you are on high alert, completely focused to either execute the  ‘fight or flight’ response – an automatic physiological reaction to an event that is perceived as stressful or frightening.


Condition Red (Aggressive Action)

In condition red you are in the fight situation. You are being physically attacked and you must respond in order to protect yourself. You cannot talk your way out of the situation and it is too late to escape! In this situation you use all the physical skills of self-defence to stun the assailant in order to flee from the aggression – Aggressive Action.

Reference – Success.org The American Success Institute.

Mervyn Nelis

Martial Arts experience over 55 years

Security Industry experience over 40 years.