Martial Arts Training School for Adults and Kids Karate Geelong.

Zenshin Martial Arts is a multidisciplinary martial arts training centre based in Geelong, Victoria.

We offer a truly comprehensive range of training for children and adults. Our training incorporates traditional martial arts, contemporary martial arts, cardiovascular training, Black Belt training, and more.

Training is provided by highly qualified staff, including founder Australasian Hall of Fame and World Karate Union Hall of Fame inductee Hanshi Mervyn Nelis. We place an extremely high emphasis on systematic, highly focused and structured training for our students.


Why Choose Zenshin Martial Arts Academy?


55 years of experience

Head Instructor Hanshi Mervyn Nelis has been teaching karate in Geelong for over 50 years.


Expertly trained

All karate Instructors have undergone extensive teacher training within the martial arts.


Individualised classes

Classes are individualised according to age – children train in age specific karate classes with a syllabus applicable to their mindset and abilities.


Practical & relevant

Techniques are practical and relevant in today’s society. All karate programs are innovative and exciting.


Highest Martial Arts training

If you want the highest martial arts instruction, we are the karate school for you.


Professional & dedicated to you

Zenshin Martial Arts is totally professional and dedicated to each student in their personal goal towards self-improvement.

Zenshin Black Belt Success System


Zenshin Karate is a blending of traditional and contemporary martial Arts that offers not only an effective self defence system but a means for character development and self-discipline.


With this formula for success you will be able to handle the constant pressures of everyday living more easily. We aim to better develop and condition the mind, body and spirit.


Zenshin is well known for enhancing one’s concentration and ability to focus.


However, Zenshin training goes even further with the development of one’s attitudinal qualities and creating greater belief in self-worth and potential.

Program Benefits

Excellent means of self defence
Builds a sound mind and body
Enhances flexibility, agility, conditioning, co-ordination & fitness
Aids in the release of stress & tension
Assists in weight reduction and increased endurance
Develops confidence, self-respect, discipline, character & leadership skills
Encourages strong family bonds when all participate
Geelong's Specialist School - Karate for Kids!

Choose a program

Separate Beginner classes
Kids Karate: Dragon program (ages 5 & 6 year old)
Kids Karate: Tiger program (ages 7 – 11)
Kids Karate: Lion program (ages 12- 15)
Adult program for all ages
Women’s Self Defence Courses
Secondary School Self Defence Courses (LifeSafe)
Corporate/Business Self Defence Seminars

About Our Founder

Hanshi Mervyn Nelis

Hanshi Nelis has been involved in the study of self defence systems for over 50 years. From an early teenage involvement in wrestling, boxing and ju jitsu Hanshi eventually underwent training in karate.

Hanshi has travelled widely overseas updating his knowledge base in the martial arts. He has also been involved in extensive security work as a crowd controller and security specialist instructor for over 40 years.

In 2003 Hanshi was inducted into the Australian Hall of Fame and World Karate Union Hall of Fame. In 2004 this prestigious organisation promoted Hanshi to 7th Degree Black Belt. In 2013 Hanshi was again promoted to 8th Degree Black Belt by the Australian Hall of Fame and World Karate Union Hall of Fame.

Hanshi has also trained extensively in the Krav Maga Israeli Self Defence System and CDT Tactical Non-Deadly Self Defence System – both to Instructor Level.

Hanshi has formulated a practical Self Defence System – LIFESAFE – which is taught at Secondary Schools and Women’s Self Defence courses.

Hanshi teaches full-time and holds degrees in Psychology and Social Anthropology.