Kids Karate: Lion program (ages 12- 15)

These programs teach life skills needed to excel in school and today’s competitive world – goal setting skills, self-discipline, respect for others and increased self-esteem.

All our students are taught to focus, concentrate and the power of a positive mental attitude. We believe in Praise, Encouragement and Positive Reinforcement. We have witnessed many junior students attain the coveted Junior Black Belt within the Zenshin system who have gone out into the world with a positive self assured attitude that has allowed them to reach their full potential in society.

So don’t delay! Give your child the edge over bullies with martial arts classes at our school.

Special Introductory Offer

Before enrolling, undergo our Unique & Special Orientation Program (applies to 7 years and over).

2 mini sessions plus a uniform – $30.00 (saving of $55.00)

Experience what Zenshin has to offer in a relaxed & comfortable environment before making a commitment.